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TBD: The Live Devising Project
as a part of FringeNYC October 14th - 27th
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TBD: The Live Devising Project  is a relational and participatory theatre experience that seeks to recognize and appreciate the emancipated spectator, break down the illusion of theatricality, and invite the audience into the devising process. TBD uses the audience as source material to devise live, before your very eyes. Using a carefully trained set of strategies and basing the formula in a repertoire of ensemble driven work, the ensemble receives the source material in the company of the seated audience, interprets, questions, and associates it, and then quickly strategizes and plans a short devised piece to be performed immediately after. The piece functions with a devising ensemble of six to seven artists, each attending to a specialized focus of the process (text, movement, music, tech, props, and one to two floaters), as well as three facilitators. One facilitator is procuring the source material with the audience participants in a separate space the audio of which is piped in real time to the seated audience and the devising ensemble. The second facilitator works with the seated audience to field any ideas the audience might have to offer the ensemble as they work, while the third facilitator works with the devising ensemble to quickly craft the performance of live devised work. The show also includes a technician who works with the ensemble to live design the light and sound to accompany the piece. The main strategies used in this quick devising process are viewpoints and composition, as well as a formula we have crafted to help distill the source material into the devised work. Although we pose this piece as being a response to the conventional theatrical product and a rebellion against the illusionary nature of theatre, we emphasize how inherently theatrical it is in the sense that it must be experienced live. Our quick pitch vocabulary for this is “live devising,” the word “live” itself is the key element! Each performance of the piece is different and intends to create the same sense of community that we strive for as an ensemble within the theatre space.