Humble Earthly Beings 
conceived & directed by Joe Reault

Many futurist thinkers, including tech genius Elon Musk and brilliant author Ray Kurzweil, have theorized that within 15 years we will reach the Singularity -- the irreversible combination of man and technology, at which point humans will have nanobot supercomputers in their brains and become "post-humans." "Humble Earthly Beings" depicts how human society is affected by the invention of this technology.

Directed & Conceived by Joe Reault
Assistant Director: Ray Johnson
Movement Director: Jackie Meissner

MaryKathryn Alford
Ryan Beaghler
Ndeye Doumbia
Cydnie Hampton
Ray Johnson
Thomas Lewis
Kaycee Murto

Friday 11/2 at 8pm

Saturday 11/3 at 4pm & 8pm
Sunday 11/3 at 4pm

Thursday 11/8 at 8pm

Friday 11/9 at 8pm

Saturday 11/10 at 4pm & 8pm

Sunday 11/11 at 4pm

Tickets are $10 and are available here.