1. fair and impartial

SITTING SHOTGUN is a theatre production company that aims to foster a diverse community of emerging artists, prioritizing equitable and intersectional theatre-making. With the intention of making space for artists to collaborate, create, share their practice, and expand their network, SITTING SHOTGUN seeks to fill a void in the emerging artist community, providing support and affordable opportunities for artists to pursue their craft and produce new work.



  1.  involving members of multiple social categories

Founded in January 2018, by Joe Reault and Allie Marotta SITTING SHOTGUN has developed rapidly, working around the clock to bring you the art you deserve.


Our home space, SQUARE1, functions as a live/work space and is home to our artists in residence who are working on performance based projects in the space. Our curated programming currently consists of our Mainstage which is comprised of 3-5 full productions per season, Shotgun Readings, our new works series which hosts full length readings in the Fall season, and a festival of short plays in the Spring season. We also are proud to host Casual Vacancy, a flexible project based residency program hosted at our home space in Brooklyn. For submission info, please see here.